Mold And Bacteria Testing

Mold May Exist Even When No Visible Signs of Mold Exist

AAA Enviro Professionals willalleviate your concerns with a certified mold inspection and testing.

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Mold And Bacteria Testing


What Our Clients Say

If you’ve been experiencing respiratory issues, allergic reactions, or other symptoms that seem to have no noticeable cause, you may be suffering from exposure to a silent but dangerous contaminant. Mold is not always visible as it can be painted over, or it can grow behind walls or under floors. However, exposure to mold spores can cause an array of health issues and even serious diseases.

If you cannot see it but suspect you have mold or water damage in your home or building, or if you are purchasing a property and want to ensure the area is safe from this dangerous contaminant, AAA Enviro Professionals can help. By taking an air sample that detects microscopic mold spores, our certified mold assessors and inspectors will assess the area to verify or rule out the presence of mold. If mold growth is confirmed, we provide a detailed scope of work for mold remediation so you can quickly reclaim healthy indoor air quality.