Asbestos Survey

Professional Asbestos Inspection and Testing

AAA Enviro Professionals understand the hazards of asbestos exposure and will ensure safe and thorough inspection and testing.

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Asbestos Survey


What Our Clients Say

Considering the purchase of a new home or property? Planning a demolition or renovation job? it is vital, and sometimes required by law, that you first have your property professionally inspected for asbestos. Now known as a dangerous carcinogen, asbestos was once widely used in building material and can be found in pipe and boiler insulation, floor tiles, siding shingles, roofing, caulking, plaster, drywall, joint compound, all kinds of mastic and more.

This hazardous material may lurk in homes or buildings for many years with little effect until it is disturbed through renovation or demolition. Once that happens, invisible fibers linger in the air and can cause asbestosis and mesothelioma (lung cancer). Disturbing asbestos yourself, even just to remove a small sample, can prove very damaging. AAA Enviro Professional licensed asbestos inspectors are familiar with asbestos testing regulations and requirements. We safely test your property and provide a comprehensive report of our findings so that you can renovate your home or building with peace of mind.